Mohawk flag put atop Church of Our Lady

Mohawk flag put atop Church of Our Lady

The Guelph Mercury (Ontario, Canada)
GUELPH (Jul 4, 2007)

Someone climbed scaffolding at the Church of Our Lady early Monday and left a Mohawk flag atop the north tower.

A compressor at the site was also damaged by turning it on and letting it run dry.

Exterior restoration work is taking place at the church.

The flag was removed early yesterday by a construction worker, but the incident puzzled the church’s pastor.

“I think they did it because it’s the highest point in the city,” said Father Dennis Noon.

He said the area is fenced off and locked, plus there are security guards late into the night.

“I was definitely surprised,” said Larry Randall, supervisor of construction for Atlantic Underground Services, the company restoring the church.

He said climbing that high without safety boots and a hard hat is dangerous.

“Plus, if the person got caught, there would have probably been quite a fine,” Randall said.

Guelph Police Staff Sergeant Neal Young said it is a case of trespassing, but it could involve other charges if someone is caught.

And “if you fall that’s a whole civil matter.”

And a blue letter ‘A’ with a circle around it, usually a symbol of anarchy, was found spray-painted on the sidewalk outside both the church and Guelph MP Brenda Chamberlain’s constituency office.

Chamberlain’s office was also vandalized during the Canada Day weekend.

Young said it’s difficult to surmise is the incidents at Chamberlain’s office and at the church were connected with the native national day of action Friday that took place across the province, including a peaceful demonstration in Guelph.

“It’s a Mohawk flag but anyone could put it up there, right?” Young said of the flag placed at the church. “We have to have evidence that actually ties the incidents together before we start making assumptions.”

A Mohawk flag was also placed on the sculpture called “The Family,” located in the fountain at St. George’s Square, during Friday’s national day of action, a peaceful event that was designed to bring attention to the more than 800 unresolved land claims across the country.



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