Skyler’s bail review today

Friday October 26, 2007


Sarah Dover is Skyler William’s legal representative. She presented a lot of Haudenosaunee history in court today, explained about our matriarchal society, our laws, customs and made it clear it is distinctly different from Canadian Society. She did an excellent job.

Skyler was granted bail today after having $10,000 certified cheque payable to the “Minister of Finance”. Skyler’s father had to pledge $20, 000 and Skyler’s wife Stacey had to pledge $5, 000.

There were other stipulations as well, of course to limit his movement on his own territory.

BUT, he had a breach in Brantford court that will be dealt with on Tuesday, so he is being held at Hamilton Barton St. Jail until tuesday at which time he will be released.

His safety is still at risk. We are hoping nothing will happen to Skyler during the rest of his stay at Barton St. Jail.

On behalf of Skyler’s family, we want to thank EVERYONE who so hastily sent letters and emails of support for Skyler. You have NO idea how much that means us and to know we still have so much support out there. niawen.


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