Six Nations: The prophecies of our ancestors are today’s reality


The 9 Ogwehowe from Oswego (Six Nations of the Grand Territory) falsely and unjustifiably arrested at Stirling Street in Caledonia have a court appearance at the Cayuga Courthouse 2mrw, October 17th. One man is still being detained and denied bail. Skyler Williams needs our support.

We are asking for ALL supporters to gather outside the Cayuga Courthouse on Wednesday October 17, 2007 @ 8:00am. We want Skyler to see us when he arrives from Hamilton Barton St. Jail.

So far there are over 70 arrests and 100 charges laid. The CROWN’S allegations against our people are very serious. SHE claims there have been attempts of murder, robbery, assault, mischief, assaulting police officers, etc.

We have stood firm with the knowledge that the jurisdiction of our grandchildren’s land was illegally taken for the benefit of private corporations.

We have stood strong knowing CANADA and the CROWN have (since the Doctrine of Discovery) created legislation to “save the man, kill the Indian…”.

We also know CANADA and the CROWN will not stop with their constant interference in the lives of Indigenous People until their gradual assimilation policy has been successful.

Another goal of the CROWN is to completely take away the spirit of our people so we will no longer have the inner strength to not only resist but to fight for the existence of our future generations. The CROWN achieves this by use of HER judicial system (arrests of our people, courts, jails, prisons, etc.) and the Children’s Aid Society.

CANADA and the CROWN’s greatest aspiration is to do away with the traditional languages, customs, traditions, ceremonies and culture of Indigenous People. It’s called the CROWN’S Genocidal Policy.

The CROWN must stop denying it is totally legal and justifiable for our people to protect the existence of our future generations. We are being lawful by protecting the land and the environment from irreversible damage. Here in Southern Ontario, it is fact, our waters are too polluted to drink and the air too polluted to breathe. The prophecies of our ancestors are today’s reality.

Is the solution to environmental problems to arrest those who will stand up to protect mother earth? Is the solution to the problem of polluted air to build thousands of houses and bigger highways on farmland? …or is the solution to polluted water and water shortages to move 4.5 million people into the golden horseshoe region where the water problem is the worst despite the fact we have such a great water supply (two great lakes, many rivers and streams)?

The leaders in CANADIAN Society should be subject to the same thought process our hodioniso (traditional chiefs), clanmothers and people are. Before decisions are made for clans and nations these three criteria must be considered…

1. What will the effect of this decision have on peace?

2. How will this decision effect the environment?

3. How will this decision maintain the existence of our future generations?

We need each other to continue with this struggle and to find peaceful resolutions.

Please come out to the courthouse with your signs, food, umbrellas, chairs, etc.

For more info please call L. Maracle [withheld]
janie jamieson
six nations of the grand


Protester in alleged hijacking denied bail

October 16, 2007
Paul Legall
The Hamilton Spectator
Cayuga (Oct 16, 2007)

A native activist was denied bail yesterday on numerous criminal charges, including allegations he tried to run over an OPP officer while hijacking an undercover police van at Douglas Creek Estates.

Albert Douglas, 32, who faces attempted murder, robbery, unlawful confinement and other serious charges, had a roomful of supporters when he appeared for his bail hearing before justice of the peace Paul Welsh yesterday.

Apart from charges relating to the hijacking on June 9, he faces robbery and assault charges for allegedly attacking two CH cameramen on the same date and counts of obstructing and assaulting police for allegedly fighting with police when they arrested him at Douglas Creek Estates on April 20, 2006.

He has since been charged with counts of breach of recognizance and failing to appear in court. He was wanted on a Canada-wide warrant when police arrested him during a routine traffic stop on Highway 401 on Sept. 27.

Despite strong support for Douglas from his community, which has hailed him as a kind of freedom fighter, Welsh said he didn’t consider him a good candidate for release on bail. “I have absolutely no confidence he’ll abide by any terms laid down by the court,” he added.

He also ordered the OPP to use as much force as necessary to obtain fingerprints and a mug shot from Douglas, who had refused to provide his prints or picture when he was first arrested.

The order prompted an angry outburst from native activist Dawn Smith, who pumped her fist into the air and yelled “Don’t you hurt him” to the police escorting Douglas from the courtroom.

Minutes earlier, Smith had made an impassioned plea for his release, describing Douglas as a “warrior” of outstanding character who was only protecting his land and people.

“I know Mr. Douglas. He doesn’t have a criminal mind … all he was doing was protecting me and all the people,” she told Welsh.

She added the OPP had Tasered and pepper sprayed a number of native protesters, including herself, when they raided Douglas Creek Estates and arrested 16 people on April 20, 2006. They had also promised they wouldn’t raid the site again without notifying the occupants in advance.

“This is what was in his mind when he saw that vehicle in our territory. This was seen by our people as (an aggressive act),” she said. She was referring to the June 9 incident when native protesters, including Douglas, spotted four strangers in a Chevrolet Tahoe driving around Douglas Creek Estates snapping pictures of protesters.

According to assistant Crown attorney Shane Hickingbottom, Albert Douglas, Trevor Miller and an unidentified female became angry and tried to stop the vehicle. He said Miller and Douglas were both wearing flack jackets and Miller had a knife in a sheath in his vest.

When they forced their way into the vehicle, Hickingbottom added, the protesters discovered a radio, handcuffs, binoculars and other gear indicating it was a police surveillance vehicle.

It actually belonged the U.S. Border Patrol and the occupants included an agent of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

During the ensuing altercation, Hickingbottom said, Douglas took the wheel of the van and started driving away with an officer trapped inside. After forcing a door open, the officer jumped out of the vehicle and was seriously injured when his head struck the pavement.

After stopping the Tahoe a short distance away, Hickingbottom told the court, Douglas started reversing the vehicle toward the semi-conscious officer. He added another officer ran over to pull him out of the path of the vehicle. (Smith has suggested Douglas was returning to assist the officer, not to run him over.)

All these allegations have yet to be proved in court. Douglas specifically stated he didn’t want the judge to impose a gag order on the hearing.

In a statement previously filed with the court, Douglas argued that as an aboriginal person, he belonged to a sovereign nation and was not subject to the authority of the court. Douglas was ordered to return to court on Nov. 7.


Native protester’s lawyer using obscure treaty to derail CH case

October 13, 2007
Paul Legall
The Hamilton Spectator
CAYUGA (Oct 13, 2007)

A native rights lawyer is relying on an obscure 300-year-old American Treaty and the spirit of the Two Row Wampum Treaty in an effort to block the courts from hearing criminal charges against a Six Nations man accused of attacking two CH television cameramen on June 9, 2006.

Stephen Ford believes his client, Irwin Ronald Gibson, belongs to a sovereign nation and his rights as an aboriginal person are protected under the Constitution Act.

Section 35 of the act recognizes aboriginal laws, customs and traditions and protects them from being infringed by provincial or federal legislation.

Gibson, 38, is facing charges of assault, assault causing bodily harm and robbery in connection with the attack.

Gibson had elected to be tried by judge and jury, which would require a preliminary hearing.

But yesterday, Ford tried to convince Superior Court Justice Alan Whitten that Ontario court judges, who normally preside over preliminary hearings, don’t have the jurisdiction to deal with constitutional challenges.

Before the criminal trial starts, Ford wants a separate hearing before a Superior Court judge solely to debate the constitutional and sovereignty issues.

Ford referred to the Man Fan Treaty of 1701 [Nan Fan Treaty] signed in Albany New York by the ancestors of the Six Nations who were guaranteed fishing and hunting rights on a large tract of land in southwestern Ontario.

He used this treaty to buttress his argument that Six Nations jurisdiction extends beyond the boundaries of the current Six Nations reserve.

He also cited the Two Row Wampum Treaty, which is symbolized by a beaded belt representing the trust, respect and friendship that is to exist between aboriginals and non-aboriginal peoples in North American. Two lines represent a native canoe and a European ship sailing side by side to show the two cultures should never interfere with each other.

In the spirit of the two-row wampum, Ford has suggested his client should be subject to his own laws and traditions.

Owen Young, a lawyer for the Attorney General of Ontario, argued the sovereignty and jurisdiction issues can debated at the preliminary hearing without a separate hearing.

He said the preliminary hearing judge has to proceed with the assumption that he has the jurisdiction to preside over laws that were enacted by the parliament of Canada.

Whitten reserved his decision until Oct. 17.


Court Dates

albert douglas is facing about 30 charges regarding the june 9th ATF and canadian tire incident, the most serious allegations the CROWN is making against him are 2 counts of attempted murder.

the attached document is what albert read in the cayuga courthouse today [not attached here]. he was put over until october 15, 2007 for a bail hearing.

albert douglas was told by the “justice” he was required to have representation by a member of the UPPER LAW SOCIETY OF CANADA.

albert douglas was also told he was not on Six Nations Territory. albert told the “justice” he begged to differ.

janie jamieson Six Nations
N0A 1M0

p.s. other court dates

Ronnie Gibson Jurisdictional Challenge October 12, 2007
Albert Douglas Bail Hearing October 15, 2007
Mindi Maracle
Greg Powless
Sheranne MacNaughton
Skyler Williams
Ron Cook
June Lynnette Jamieson Maracle
Teresa Jamieson
Stephen Powless
Francine Doxtater
……………………………..are all facing michief charges from the Stirling St. Raid
they are all due back in court on October 17, 2007

Taylor Smoke is up in court on October 25, 2007 allegations of assault have been made
against him by the CROWN.



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