Native Cops at Algonquin Land Re-Occupation

Native Cops at Algonquin Land Re-Occupation

by Wii’nimkiikaa, August 2007

“Indian Police physically enforce the will and laws of the oppressors on their own people with billy clubs, mace and guns. Indian Police are people destroyed as Indians, casualties of the psychological warfare waged on the Indian people. Indian Police are used by dominant society to harass the Indian people, especially those fighting for national and racial survival. Many Indian leaders were murdered by Indian Police, notably Sitting Bull and others.”
– Karoniaktajeh (Louis Hall), Mohawk Nation, The Warriors Hand Book

“Are Indigenous people being deceptively taken over by the police?”
– Mohawk Nation News (MNN), July 30, 2007

In a recent Globe and Mail article, the president of Frontenac Ventures, George White “pointed out that one of the Algonquin leaders, Ardoch Lake co-chief Randy Cota, is an OPP [Ontario Provincial Police] constable at the local detachment.” But according to the Globe and Mail, “Mr. Cota and the OPP both insist that Mr. Cota’s work as co-chief is separate from his police work and is done in his private time.”

So the same police force that killed Anishinabe warrior Dudley George at Ipperwash (Aazhoodena) and attacked Six Nations people at Caledonia is now supposedly on the side of Native sovereignty? Not possible. Conflict of interest.

More information on OPP involvement in the ongoing Alqonquin actions against uranium mining in Ontario can be found in a recent Mohawk Nation News article linked to below.



Aazhoodena (Ipperwash) re-occupied in defiance of the OPP, 1995


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