Sharbot Lake Rejects Offer

Sharbot Lake Rejects Offer

In Sharbot Lake within the past couple of months a small number of the Algonquins from the Ardoch First Nation repatriated their unceded traditional lands, still currently used by Natives and Non-Natives for hunting and fishing. In the same area in Northern Ontario, a corporation called FRONTENAC VENTURES has been “testing” the area for “possible” uranium mining for a few years. The area they repatriated is currently under negotiations with CANADA. However these negotiations are “on hold” by CANADA. Yet FRONTENAC still has a license to carry on with their “testing”.

Yesterday Frontenac Ventures made a financial offer to the Algonquins of Ardoch First Nation. This financial offer was flat out rejected by the Algonquins. No amount of money can ever compensate them for the likelihood of death, cancer, mutated births, still births, sterilization and other health risks that will arise as a direct result of uranium mining.

The health risks are too great for our future generations. The enviromental damage will be substantial and unstoppable. Why take the risk with any of our children? The responsibility of our people is to maintain life for our future generations. That’s all aspects of life. The plant life, animal life and human life.

We are born with a responsibility to protect life, no matter what the cost is to us.

The Algonquins need our support as they are undertaking a HUGE responsibility. They are fighting to protect practically the whole watershed of Northeastern Ontario. Everyone connected to that watershed will benefit, when the Algonquins are successful.

When asked about the financial offer one Algonquin stated, “…we can not be bought. (the land repatriation is) Not about money…”

Janie Jamieson


“Protesters, mining company meet face to face”
Kingston Whig-Standard (July 19, 2007)

One Response to “Sharbot Lake Rejects Offer”

  1. Luke Owens Says:

    I am so grateful that the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation is fighting to protect the land and water threatened by the scourge of uranium mining.
    Uranium mining has turned vast tracks of northern Saskatchewan into uninhabitable wasteland.
    Frontenac Ventures would gladly exchange centuries of ecosystem health and Algonquin culture for the chance to turn rocks into power. They want to secure unearned wealth for an undeserving few. A few whose greed can never be satisfied.
    They want to take more than they deserve, and they know that the Ontario government is crooked enough to make it legal and violent enough to make it happen.
    Thank you Ardoch Algonquin First Nation. I’ll fight with you.

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