Blockades on Assembly of First Nations Day of (In)Action

Blockades on Assembly of First Nations Day of (In)Action

See also: AFN DOA: Day of Action, or Dead on Arrival? (Warrior Publications)

Despite the Assembly of First Nations’ (AFN) collaboration with Canadian police forces and denouncement of blockades on their National Day of (In)Action, June 29th, several were put into effect in eastern Canada:

Indian Brook, Mi’kmaq Territory – The Mi’kmaq Warrior Society blocked Highway 102 near Enfield, Nova Scotia, but allowed drivers to pass if they payed a dollar to help alleviate poverty and poor health conditions on the reserve. The money is said to be headed towards elders and youth. “Our chiefs and our councilors are raping and pillaging our own people. They’re taking the money and putting it in their own pockets,” said James Pictou of Indian Brook, as quoted in the Halifax Daily News.


Kahnawake, Mohawk Territory – One lane of traffic blocked for an hour on Highway 30 and Highway 138. March across Mercier Bridge, with Unity/Warrior Flags raised on top of the bridge and traffic totally blocked for about an hour and a half. Corporate news reported that 150 people attended the Mercier Bridge action and that a statement was read disassociating it from the AFN and its leader, Phil Fontaine.


Kanehsatake, Mohawk Territory – Blockade with trees of Highway 344.

Akwesasne, Mohawk Territory – Mohawk Nation News reported that tires were seized by Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) near the Seaway International Bridge. Corporate media reported that wooden pallets were thrown on the roadway at the foot of the bridge after midnight and set on fire. Akwesasne Mohawk Police officers intervened and say they seized an AK-47 after shots were fired in the air. They also say suspects have been identified and will be charged.

Tyendinaga, Mohawk Territory – CN Rail and Highway 2 blocked. OPP shut down Highway 401 before warriors could. Arrest warrant issued for warrior Shawn Brant.



Wahta, Mohawk Territory – Muskoka Road 38 at Ragged Rapids Road blocked in the morning, about eight kilometres from Bala, Ontario. One lane had been opened at 12:45 p.m. and the entire blockade was removed in the mid-afternoon, according to area OPP.

Six Nations of the Grand River Territory – Six Nations reserve police say 15 masked and camouflaged people blocked the Seventh Line bridge over the Highway 6 bypass. The cops say they were able to clear the bridge and the masked group left and went to the Reclamation Site at Caledonia.

Alderville, Anishinabe Territory – Roads blocked leading to a reserve in Alderville, a town halfway between Toronto and Kingston, Ontario.

Northwest Ontario, Anishinabe Territory – Manitoulin Island and North Shore Natives blocked Highway 17 at the Highway 6 turnoff to Espanola for an hour. 200 people later gathered on Highway 17 at the Serpent River reserve in Cutler and stopped eastbound traffic completely. The OPP reported that a vehicle was parked on railroad tracks, blocking the Huron Central Railway, which runs between Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury.

Aamjiwnaang, Anishinabe Territory – Some 50 people blocked a CN rail spur line near Sarnia in southwest Ontario.

5 Responses to “Blockades on Assembly of First Nations Day of (In)Action”

  1. Karonhiiostha Says:

    Go K-town, we should have blocked the bridge and highway all day, we deserve all our land back now, and we’ll do anything to get it back. whoever says that its not fair that we did this or that we don’t have to pay some taxes are wrong, because it wasn’t fair when you stole our land and its payback time.

  2. Hi i am dan from oshawa and I think the opp should leave the indians alone and if they are there they have a reasion to because all the time there are problems with us not me trying to take more indians land and that is not right. So good job for standing up for your reserves. they have enough land already what they stool from you.

  3. brittany decaire Says:

    hi i’m brittany decaire from wahta mohawks territory and i think this should be a wake up call for the canadian goverment. WE MAY BE NATIVE BUT WERE NOT STUPID!!!!!!! IT ABOUT TIME WE STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS!!! pecession is nine tenths of the law right. I had an amazing day i was so pissed off with my rez for the lact of support we had. our chief is a white guy from bala who gives us a bad name and made us open one lane after being out there for hours supporting our land . thanks for the support chief BLaine Commandent or should i say mayor blaine. THANKS TO ALL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO CAMe OUT AND SHOWED THERE SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rehenton, AKWS Says:


  5. The Goverment must think that we are a bunch of wild animals who needs to be put in cadges well I DO NOT AGREE ONE BIT IT’S OUR LAND AND OUR PEOPLE ” As a Mohawk I have had enough of these types of actions from these people and their courts systems they have FAILED AT ALL COST”



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