Anti-Canada Day Starts Early in Guelph, Ontario

Anti-Canada Day Starts Early in Guelph, Ontario

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Tonight we hit the office of M.P Brenda Chamberlain. The locks were glued on the office door and an anarcho-indigenismo symbol was left in the vicinity. We chose Brenda to harass tonight because she is a political embodiment of the terror and degradation faced by many of us that have to live under a capitalist apathetic democracy.

It’s the status quo that allows developers to transform Indigenous land into suburban wastelands, and the poor and ethnicity exploited peoples of this country get screwed over every time. While communities are pushed into bureaucratic processes to settle their land claims, on a continent they inhabited long before this deformation of a country called Canada moved in, capitalist business’ are and have been jumping for joy with every deal they have sealed in the graveyards we call cities and the wastelands we called forests. Replacing an existence abundant with possibility and desire with the meek scarcity of a global capitalist monoculture.

So tonight we fight back! We hit the office of a political tyrant, who somehow got re-elected after publicly wanting to resign, refused to run a campaign or take part in the electoral debates and was still voted into power. It is no wonder that we are fed up with this process and seek methods that go beyond the ballots and disempowerment inherent to these politics.

Our message to you Brenda is give back all the land you stole, and are about to steal from exploited peoples and RUN in the next election, RUN AWAY!

Happy Birthday Canada!

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