Anti-Canada Day Ends Late in Guelph

Anti-Canada Day Ends Late in Guelph

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Yesterday evening, July 2nd, the Monday of this year’s Canada Day Long Weekend, the [Canadian National Railway] tracks east of Guelph, Ontario, running to Brampton and carrying on to Toronto, were blocked and burned with a tire fire lit at a safe distance from houses and forest. The blockage was alerted to CN through the use of wiring the tracks.

This was an action performed to cause economic harm to CN rail and add to the fight for native freedom and autonomy, which we also ultimately see as a step toward greater freedom and autonomy to all peoples, natives and settlers alike.

This day was chosen for the action because we see it as bizarre that people can be celebrating Canada as a nation (although there’s nothing wrong with a good party) while it was founded upon a brutal and shameful colonization which is still actively being carried out, and Canada’s legitimacy as a nation is clearly contested.

We also chose the day because of the call out made for actions throughout Canada day, and in order to expand the National Day of Action from just June 29th and explore tactics that exceed the law.

Let’s have a toast to CN rail.

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